"We believe that investors (neither individuals managing their own portfolios nor professional money managers) cannot systematically beat overall market returns over any significant time period. In fact, we believe the harder they try to do so, the less likely they are to be successful." 

A Different Approach

Our approach is quite different from the operations of many financial planners in Australia, particularly those that are employed by the large financial institutions.

We have no products to sell, and we take no commissions from anyone. We charge a fee based on the complexity of your investments.

Asset Class Investing

Our investment philosophy is evidence-based, and is called ‘Asset Class Investing”.

As an introduction to Asset Class Investing we have two videos on this page to help you understand the concepts.

The first is called the Power Of The Markets and it explains how stock markets are efficient, so it is a waste of time trying to get a better return than the markets offer. The video is from Dimensional Fund Advisors.

The second video an introduction to a series of videos from sensibleinvesting.tv. It is called How To Win The Loser's Game and is about the active fund managers' efforts to take your money under false pretences.

After watching the videos you can discover more details about Asset Class Investing in our investment philosophy:

"How You Can Invest Like The Really Smart Money Does".

Our portfolios provide a rising income stream, and position clients to leave an inheritance for future generations.

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