Many baby boomers feel the concept of traditional retirement is hopelessly outdated, and no longer applies to their lives.

Many also feel that the times have so radically change that the term “retirement” is no longer appropriate.

If you look up the word retire in the dictionary you will see that it means to withdraw. Is this what you really want to do? 

We believe that most baby boomers are not the withdrawing type!

Some serious thinking needs to be done before entering this phase of your life.

A New Phase of Life

The years set aside for reclining might be used for re-defining, and some of the time reserved for recreation might be used for re-creation.

Retirement Quiz

To set you on the right path for this transition in your life you might like to look at our Retirement Quiz.

It lists six questions that will really get you thinking about the nuts and bolts of your retirement lifestyle, and it will help you formulate your plan.

It starts out with “do you really want to retire?”. 

A Successful Retirement 

If you want to discover what others have found is the way to a successful retirement you can read what one of North America's leading authorities on retirement issues has to say.

Download “The Eight Keys To A Successful Retirement” here.

It has been written by Barry LaValley, a leading educator and authority on the lifestyle transition to retirement.