Why Integrated Wealth Solutions?

We are a Melbourne-based business working with Australian baby boomers.

We help business owners, and others, plan their investment portfolios.

Our aim is to design and put in place a portfolio that gives you peace of mind.

The Three Key Investor Requirements

We believe that in order for you to have a long-term investment experience you will need to have these requirements:

1. NUMBERS           understanding a bit about the laws of probability and the basics of statistics;

2. HISTORY              a grasp of financial history, past events back as far as possible;

3. EMOTIONS          awareness of your emotions, and the discipline to execute a strategy, and stay with it.

From our experience not many people, investors or professionals, have these skills.

For those of you not trying to become as rich as Kubera, but wish to avoid living out their retirement in poverty we suggest you study our evidence-based investment philosophy click here.

We piggy back on some of the leading financial minds in the world, adding our own understanding of history and the mind, to provide a clear long-term investment strategy for the baby boomer.